Which WordPress plugins should be install on your new Blog?

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asked Aug 18, 2017 in Wordpress by anonymous

1 Answer

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answered Aug 19, 2017 by John

WordPress is great and popular content management system and millions of websites are running on it. If you are new to WordPress then you have to install couple of plugins to maintain the productivity and security.

Here is the List of Essential WordPress Plugins that should be on new WordPress blog:

Many new user are confused and searching online for WordPress plugins to get better solution for their different problems such as contact form, security, Ant-spamming, Google AdSense, SEO, Cache and so on. You can use these must have free plugins for both professional and blog based WordPress websites in 2017.

1: Contact Form Plugin: This is the most popular and simple plugin to add contact from support in your website.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages: As most of the people uses the smartphone for accessing the websites and to support the slow mobile data, Google delivers the APM enabled which helps your audience to get your content more instantly then any others.

3. Akismet Anti-Spam: It is default installed plugin in WordPress, please activate this plugin to stay away from spams.

4. Wpfastest Cache: This is the cache plugin and better then WP3 Total cache. It speed up your website.

5. Wordfence: To save your website from hackers use this plugin.

6. Yoast SEO: BE you own SEO specialist by installing this SEO plugin that helps you to get better search engine visibility and ranking.